Christmas Wish Lists

You can use our website “Contact” form to send in your Christmas Wish list! The elves will be monitoring any and all incoming messages for our site throughout the season.

When you are ready to start your shopping – Simply click on the person you are shopping for, then with the help of some of Santa’s Christmas Magic “woosh” you’ll be taken to their 2020 Wish List!

BTW, let me know if you have picked up a “big ticket” or “specialized item” from any of the lists so I can remove it (wouldn’t want to double up on those!). Don’t bother letting me know about the clothes items and such. You know, don’t sweat the small stuff!

Happy Shopping,

Christmas Elf







Terrill & Rena Adelia’s youngsters – 1st Christmas with us!





Matthew is Micheal Q’s

The Board of the Future!

Alettie & Judson

Alettie & Judson

Jared & Paige

Jared and Paige

Kate & Joel

Emick Jr. & Shadelle


The Board

MacArthur & Mazel




Micheal & Murl (“Marie”)

Micheal and Murl

Hattie & Jackie

Hattie and Jackie

Murphy Jr.

Murphy Jr

Emick Sr.

Emick Sr

Additional Family –

From The Heart

Rose and Hannah


Ashley & Alton

Their families have grown this year!

Kenleigh (Ashley’s daughter)

Arianna (Alton’s eldest daughter)

Jordan (Ashley’s step-daughter)

Jacee (Ashley’s step-daughter)

Talan and Tance (Ashley’s twin boys)

Kylie (Alton’s youngest daughter)

James Bertrand’s Kids

Bertrand, Brianna and Bryson Smith

The Smiths

Four-legged Family

Last but certainly not least, we have our family members who give us licks of love!

Quinn (Elf Hattie & Jackie); Gypsy (Mazel & Mac); Hines (Jules) and Ghost (Jared & Paige). I was unable to locate my other family pet pics (time crunch) but we also have the pets of the Prices of Loreauville (Emick Jr – Shadelle – Ean – Eli – Erron). Merry “Ruff, Ruff” Christmas to all of our adopted 4-legged children.

So, this is our family group for 2020. Happy shopping!