Maddy’s Arts & Crafts Party

Maddy has been developing a range of arts & crafts skills over the past few years. She has taken classes in her new home state of Texas. A few of her works from this year include –


Today she hosted an Arts & Crafts Party for a few of her special friends in Lafayette.

She made cupcakes for “Cupcake Decorating”, they look yummy! A little info about their Host and a Welcome to her event was printed up and framed to display in her tablescape. Let’s just say, the years of seeing how her Grandma Martha and mom Paige put on a party has not been wasted on this young lady!

MaddyArtParty prep

With her tables set up for the art projects and tasty crafts, Maddy’s affair was ready to go!


Maddy’s friends arrived and got right to work having fun and sampling the goodies! Even Miss Avery got in on the fun! Mixed Media is an excellent form of art which has always been a hit with young adults.


It was an Awesome Event. Excellent job Hostess Maddy! We Love You.

Taylor + Fire = Yumm

Just a quickie. Taylor made Creme Brulee y’all! She was so proud of not setting the bar on fire. Chefs say it’s easy, but for a beginner that was a lot of whisking during the cooking of the creme. Heat to almost boil but don’t let it boil – during cooking. Really.

She did it. Proud of my daughter. Tastes delicious.

End Of School Year Stuff

Congratulations Eli – Kindergarten Graduate 2018🎓


Eli with his maternal grandparents at his graduation!



Eli earned the following awards this year:

All “S” in conduct, All “E” (Honor Roll), Perfect Attendance and Principal Award!



His big brother Ean was no slouch during 2017-18 school year either.

Ean is now an 8th grader! He was awarded Prefect Attendance, President & Principal’s Award for maintaining a GPA of 3.8 or higher and the Beta Award! Yeah Ean!

Congrats to our Price Boys for their hard work this year. A Special Congrats to Shadell and Emick Jr for Excellence in Parenting! Yep, you guys earned it.

I’ll check on the girls and get back!

Oh, BTW – yes I know Easter has come and gone, we had fun!! Where are the pictures? I’ll post a slideshow! See Ya…


Austin ….Congrats, Simone!!

We travelled from Dallas, Opelousas, Chicago, & St. M’ville (or was it Rayne?…where Marty & Teddy picked up Murl)….w/Avery in tow. Picked up Adele at airport. We dined Friday eve at a French Market-style bistro..woke up at 5:00 (yes..a.m.) Saturday, not wanting to miss the Royal wedding from across the pond. Meghan & Harry were the perfect couple….wish I had that little blue Jaguar!! Arrived at UT….”hook ’em horns” country!! Mmvp, Dell and I opted for riding the bike-mobile taxi ride (a mere $20 bucks!!) the gym. Met parents of the graduate, Sandy, Mark, & grandma Marie..Terrence & spouse were there, too. Caught a glimpse of Simone marching in line…she was so happy to see us all. Post ceremony, we took lots of photos…may attach a few if I get this blog thing right! Rode the bike-mobile taxi back to the parking lot (yep.. $20 bucks again!). Dell & mmvp picked up a few UT souvenirs. Lunch at Fago de Chao..Brazilian..compliments of Mark & Sandy. Simone loved her gifts..a Brahmin bag & matching wallet from the Prices. Dropped Adele off at airport…pizza back at the hotel…early Sunday morning breakfast…&…we all headed home trying to miss the rain..which I didn’t quite do!!🌧🌧

So….who’s next?? This graduation thing is lot’s of fun!!🤗🤗

Hello everyone today is another new day of your life that our Lord Jesus has given you life to live another day in your life to Love him, praise him, honor him for all your good deeds you do today , will be given tonight as you pray, & all your bad deeds are yours, to ask for forgiveness. Do you know The Angelus, this is a prayer that is said daily at 1200 about now, said it today, feel your heart full with is words,. Go ahead say it , find it on the web if not by 💓.. Jesus help me, Soul of Christ, sanctify me. Teddy