2020 Thus Far On Montreal. . .

Well 2020 started with champagne and wishes. We all made our promises and our “This year I’m gonna…”. Yes, Lord! With the help of God 2020 is going to be my year. Amen!

Then, Covid-19……………… Dang, Dang, Dang.

So, we grab hold of our Faith and regroup.

Our family on Montreal send us a few snapshots & notes on how they have spent 2020 in this “New Normal”.

What a strange summer… Even though COVID had us hunkering down at home, we were still able to celebrate a few milestones.


Jonah and Gma Martha still are going strong in the summer heat on his morning walks. Every now and then he had company with A and Jaylen.

Avery Attended her 2nd year at Swim Camp. This time she was not alone. She had a few popular people in the audience cheering her on!

With the upcoming arrival of Jaren, both kids rooms received a facelift. Avery is now partnered with Maddy and The JLS boys now are sharing the same space… Jo is still on the fence about this decision!


Avery and Maddy had a joint celebration of birthdays. Avery chose the Princess theme #herroyalfiveness while Maddy is now preteen age… just doesn’t see the point in themed birthdays! Lol

Side Note: Daddy hosted a Sam BBQ on the 4th and Avery was able to celebrate with her uncles and cousin also. She was beyond excited to have two celebrations.

Avery took Jonah on a spin in her new whip: Birthday gift courtesy of Momo Tutti.

Baby Shower Time: due to the circumstances, we decided to have a mail in shower. Even though guest were not technically invited… You still have to give it your all!

Godparents are Connie Guidry, cousin of Mom and Emick Price Jr., cousin of Dad!

Momma gets accepted in the MSW-Master’s of Social Work Program at SUNO!



August 12, 2020 at 12:59pm
“JAREN LOGAN JOSEPH SAM was born via c-section.
Jaren’s name is very special… it’s close to dad’s name, it bears his mother’s last name and honors his grandfather’s name.

They packed a whole lot in the first 8 months of this year! We welcome Jaren to our family and have great expectations for all the little ones during this school year.

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