JUST IN TODAY – 8/17/2019 !! Emick Jr and family have sent in their summer pics. Check them out.

Remember at the beginning of every school year the teacher would ask us to write about what we did during our summer vacation? Don’t you just miss it? Me too. I’m a tad bit older now so let’s do it in pictures.

Now please note, this post can be updated with additional pictures if I haven’t gotten your summer uploaded. Send it to me via text to my cell or email me at

We did NOLA! We did the ZOO . . .
“Mom is stalking me with that d#@* camera again!!!! Hey, it’s what I do now.
“Dad, is mom behind us?”
Hot day! Please note the tee. . .
Break time on the river walk near the aquarium.
Shout out to “Old Man River”!
A quick look in Jean Lafitte National Park.
She went to her favorite store to drop a donation – LUSH!
Sam sighting in New Mexico🙄. Same coach, she just got “Savoy’d a few years ago. Coach still has it!
Climb a mountain in New Mexico, NO SWEAT!!!
Destin, Florida was their 2019 destination.
“No, don’t throw the Boss!”
Love these guys!
E, E, and E in still mode!
Ha, Ha, Ha,
Mr Price – new job skill “Sand Artist”! Attaboy Mickey !
Hummmm, now just how far does this water go?
Pro golfer in the making.
“Blah, Blah, Blah!!”
Can you believe there is an Hebert’s in Destin!! Goodness expands. . .

That’s all the summer pictures for now. I’ll give you a holla should I get any more!

Have a great school year to all the moms, dads and kiddos!

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