2019’s Good Friday ❤ Easter

It was a busy weekend. That’s the caption for our Good Friday/Easter slideshow.

Our babies who were just getting the “walking thing” together at Christmas were doin it full throttle  during this family gathering.  Miss Avery was adding her beautiful voice to the mix! Jared and Paige’s little girl is blossoming and coming into her own .

A VERY pregnant Ashley made it for the egg hunt. She is doing well and ready to deliver the boys! She sends her thanks to everyone for their prayers during her hospital stay just before this GF/E holiday.

We had some of our regular faces in the crowd, along with some new ones. Latonya’s handsome son, Khalil joined us for Good Friday.

As usual, Emick Jr did an outstanding job on the boiled delicacies. Yum Yum

Jared said this was his 1st time frying . He kept a close eye on the timing for each side of the catfish. They came out just wonderful Big J.

What can I say. I’m a humble genius!!

Taylor finally got time off on Good Friday. She had to take a turn at frying fish as well!

Animal lover teasing crawdads!
Jaylen’s dad was the favorite uncle. He pushes us really high…
My 1st attempt at writing with icing! Negative comments will be addressed later . They started cutting into this deliciousness before I could get my picture. Choc-marble, dang that was good! Thanks Ren!!
Eron is SERIOUS about eating boiled crawfish!
Dominoes game goin on. Just for fun, no bills on the table!
Crawfish anyone?
Murph, Mary (his aide) and JoAnn enjoying the day.
Eli looks like he is just chillin, Erron has ideas going through his mind…… the plot thickens!
Amanada is keeping her eye of the cooks!

All in All, we had a blast! Ate ourselves silly. Enjoyed the company of family. A very enjoyable Good Friday at the Price Homestead!

Then came, Easter Sunday. The crazy came out to play again!!

We had food (duh!), Egg Hunt Prizes (every year it gets better), the Egg Hunt (with a Grand Prize Winner), oh, and more sweets to eat! We have a theme going, I know.

Paul was there with his wife Marissa and her kids Landon & Maddie. Felton (our super tall neighbor) brought his kids; Felton Jr, Lily, Anna and Landon. Ashley (a very pregnant Ashley) arrived with Kenleigh, Arianna, Jordan and Jacee. Along with our bunch Jaylen, Jonah, Avery, Erron , Eli and Ean. The Egg Hunt was a success!

Jaylen was our Grand Prize Winner! Yeah, Jaylen!!! Judson’s “eagle eyes” had very little to do with this win. Jaylen was focused!

I’ll just post some of the shots I took & edited with some info/thoughts. Have a look see!

Rena out did herself with this cake!

Everyone had a fun weekend. Not too many tears. Congratulations to Jaylen and all our little egg hunters. Be Blessed and see you all next year.

2 Replies to “2019’s Good Friday ❤ Easter”

  1. Thanks Hattie!🤩Still the best egg hunt in town!!🏆🐰🌻Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


  2. Its such a joy to see these pics of family, extended family and friends and recall the joyeous moments -even with all the work involved. Thanks to all contributors, cooks, the Quinnealty tent put up crew, and to you Editor, marvelous reporting job as usual.


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