In The Ovens

Expect to see some new faces by the end of 2019. Babies Oh Babies! Saundra got the news she will be getting more grandchildren from Both of her kids! Ashley (and her husband Holland) are expecting TWIN BOYS in July. While Alton (and his wife Ariel) are expecting their bundle of joy in August. No word on the baby’s gender, yet. Saundra is asking all of us for prayers for healthy pregnancies and babies (high risk).

Not to be caught napping, but our family line will be getting a baby girl in July! Joel and Kate are adding to their Georgia nest.

Congratulations to all our expecting moms. We all pray for safe pregnancies and happy healthy babies!

Going for the Goal

Just a quickie! Jonah liked the feeling of standing up all by himself so much he is now walking to his goal – “Going Where He Wants – When He Wants”.

Go Jonah!

#speedracer #fearless #NoStopping #GodSaidGO

Today we celebrate the Epiphany. On this day the three Wise Men visited baby Jesus. Take a moment, a breather and Thank God for being in our lives and having our backs each and every day.

Be Blessed family.

Love you All đź’–đź’–

Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus

In Jesus Name, may my whole family continue to be watched over, protected and Blessed.


The name of Jesus means Savior. It is the name that brings  salvation, security and peace… it is the name above every other name. His name should be forever on our lips… “Jesus, i trust…Jesus, i love… Jesus, i need… You.” His name should be the rhythm of  our beating heart,  the steadiness of our breath the focus of our very lives. Today as we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus, let us contemplate Christ in the Eucharist… He is truly present… He is with us…

If we keep the name of Jesus continually in our heart and hold it firmly, it will purge our sins… it will clarify our soul and help us remove the vices which dwell there. Jesus is the Divine Physician, He will heal our wounds and fill our heart with charity and love so that we may become more like Him on…

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January 1st- The Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God

Today, I must take time to Thank Mary on this day commemorating how truly special she ISđź’–.

I hope my family will also stop and take a moment.



Below is an article from, it is quite beautiful in the explanation of Our Dear Mother. Happy New Year and I hope you enjoy.

The Solemnity of Mary Mother of God

No one falls in love with a nature. We fall in love with a person. A woman loves a man, not mankind. And a mother pinches the pudgy little cheeks of a new born baby, not the cheeks of a new born nature. St. Mary gave birth to a little person, a baby, unlike any other.

In that little person a human nature united with a divine nature at the moment of conception. So St. Mary was the mother of the person Jesus, and the person Jesus had two natures, one fully human and the other fully divine. St. Mary was, then, the mother of Jesus’ human nature and of his divine nature. She was both the mother…

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