Mr. and Mrs. Price

What better way to end the month of November than with one more of our family’s “Affaire de Coeur”! We send our collective Hugs, Kisses, and Congratulations to Emick Jr and his beautiful wife, Shadell on their 8th Wedding Anniversary. Was 2010 a year of Love or what. They met in their teens, what did they know? Would this feeling last a month, a year, heck a lifetime? Can we survive the hurdles life will surely send us? The unexpected? Is this the person God has sent to be my other half and complete me? I’m sitting here as a “spectator” and I must say once again, God Did Good! They fit. They balance out one another. They share the same values and put their trust in God.

Ean, Eli (Emick Jr’s Mini-Me) and Erron – aka “The Triple Threat”!

Their progeny are a blast! We get to see both parents in all three of their sons.

With the love of their families (the Georges and the Prices) the dawn shines brightly. Thanks Mickey and Shadell for allowing us to be part of your story.

(l to r) Mr. & Mrs. Jimmie George, Shadell holding Erron, Ean, Eli, Emick Jr., and Shayla 
Marthaline, Rena, Marie M, Shadell &  Emick Jr, Hattie, Mazel , and Murphy Jr
It was a beautiful Wedding!

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