Who Dat Nation News

Now to begin with since the vast majority of my readers are Saints fans (here and above!), let’s start by saying “What happens in Dallas, stays in Dallas!”. Right after I put in my two cents.

As I don’t know diddly about football, except those uniforms make those guys look SO FINE! “I’m 64 NOT dead”! A streak is just that, a streak. It is created and meant to be broken at some point.  In explaining what a streak is, even to me, 10 Wins is a heck-of-a streak! This Dallas win over the Saints is another life event that shows us, life is everchanging.

Right There the Saints had Dallas beat 2 to 1

Congratulations to Teddy’s Dallas Cowboys Win! I think he is our one and only non-Saint member – you may correct me if I’m wrong.

You will always run into family at a Saints Game! Who Dat!

We had some family members who took that trek to Dallas for the game.  Rena, Marthaline, and Teddy stumbled upon James Bertrand at the game!

Who Dat Nation Shall Rise Again!

Down But Never Out!

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