A Wonderful Price Christmas

Have you heard people talk about being present for a Christmas Miracle? We had one of our own.

Our little Christmas miracle – Jonah stands alone! Yeah!!!!

Yep, that was our little man Jonah standing all by himself! Surprised everyone. Poppa Jared was so surprised he forgot to take a picture! Thank you Lord, he is making leaps and bounds.

Rena reigned as our Price Santa 2018, bringing her own special Christmas Joie de Vivre to the festivities. Here are a few shots of the day!

We were missing a few family members who are usually present (Murphy Jr; Kayla; Dillon and Jules), but our hearts were with them. Hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas and wishing a Happy, Prosperous & Healthy New Year.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pray For Us

Just a Reminder of another of Our Lady’s Titles.
Mother Mary, Pray for us.


As we continue our advent journey, the Holy Mother Church is determined to remind us… determined to draw us closer to Christ by providing us with special feasts that point us in the direction of Our Blessed Mother… who in her utmost love for the Lord, serves only to draw us closer to her Son, Jesus. Yesterday the Holy Mother Church celebrated Saint Juan Diego who met the Blessed Mother under the title of Our Lady of Guadalupe, whose feast we celebrate today.

As faithful Catholics in America, each of us should honor our Blessed Mother under this title, as she is the Patroness of the Americas as well as the protector of the unborn. During a time when Americans willfully slaughter the most innocent among us, we (the Church militant) should be pleading with the Blessed Mother for her intercession to end this tragedy. Unfortunately, as our country progresses…

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Sun, Surf, and Thanksgiving

Rena, our adventurous little traveler, was in California at the end of November. She sent us a taste. . .

“Hey! ..some folks prefer fish to ‘da big bird on Thanksgiving day!  Always seeking a new adventure, Rena traveled to the southern California coast to celebrate….taking in Pacific Ocean waters, surfers and western sunsets!  Next year  ..who knows??…😎  Ren”

Looks like you had a great trip Ren. Glad you’re back safe and sound. I feel that travel bug nipping at my shoulder. Isn’t it time for a Girls Trip!

There Was A Blackout

Say What! There was a party on my birthday…

Shadell has a wonderful group of friends who form the Woman to Woman Social Club. The club celebrated the holiday with their annual Christmas Ball.  Sorry I missed this one Dell. Looked like y’all had a good time.

Jared is always in for a good party and he was enhanced by having his beautiful Paige  on his arm. Lucky man!

Emick Jr and Shadell were terrific hosts to their guests. It was an elegant affair, with a whole lot of fun, friends, laughs, and liquids! Yes, Lord that was a parte’!

Now That’s What I Call A Good-Nite