Happy Birthday Jonah!



Saturday, October 6th we celebrated Jonah’s 1st Birthday. Grandma Martha and Mommy Paige had a delicious spread for us to enjoy. Lots of friends, relatives and of course other children were there too. We adults didn’t take over, well not too much anyway!

Jonah was an “a typical” youngster, he was happy with moments of tears for being disturbed by picture taking!  1496184263Heart-Eyes-Emoji-png-transparent-2 Sorry Little J, but that’s life being the Star of the Event!

Joining Jonah on his big day were his grandparents; Grandma Martha, Poppa Teddy and Momo Tutti (Paige’s mom – Christine).


Ferrin Roy, Jonah’s Godmother, attended along with her husband and two beautiful daughters.


Avery’s Godmother, Mesha, brought her smile and style to the party as well. Ms Dianne escorted her little Great Niece, a very precocious Miss Piper. She was just so adorable with her “pink” walkers.


Surrounded by his mom, dad, sisters, Uncle Judson, Jaylen, other cousins and a few little friends – Jonah’s celebration was complete.



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