Golden Anniversary

On Friday, September 28th, Mac and Mazel achieved a new milestone. They have been happily married for 50 years. Having become the newest members of a very exclusive club, how did the “Lovebirds” mark the occasion? In true M&M style! While Mac was chillin with the golf channel, his adorable wife was also relaxing in front of her tube (after a little lunch date with her H-town girls). All in all, it was a relaxed celebration for our two.


September 28, 1968


We Toast Your Commitment & Love!

Mom & Pop were the 1st (to my way of counting, anyway!) to join the 50th Anniversary club from our family. I know they were looking down from Heaven with big smiles and warm feelings for Mac and Mazel.


We Love you guys! Wishing you both many more years of wedded bliss and the good health to enjoy it!