Life At The Beach!

Summer 2018 is in full throttle! The Sam-Savoy Posse headed to Destin, FL for some fun in the sun. Avery, Maddy and Jonah had a blast running their toes through the sand. Maddy got buried in it! Grandma Martha and Poppa Teddy got a kick out of seeing their grandkids let loose.



The gang stayed at the Destin Army Recreation Area. This is “Fort Bennings Premier Vacation Destination” and is sure looks like it has everyting a family could want for a little RnR. The Destin Army Recreation Area is open year round to active duty and retired military personnel, their families and DoD civilians.

Poppa Teddy, we ALL Thank You for your service!


2 Replies to “Life At The Beach!”

  1. Sure looks like it was a great family time together, relaxing from health and other daily caregiver crises. What a wonderful ‘secret’ this army rec center – saw all the pics on their website.


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