Freedom and Family

Our family hostess, Marthaline, along with her hubby Teddy put on a spread July 1st. We were celebrating the July 4th holiday as well as the Baptisms of Jonah and Jaylen, and the birthdays of Maddy and Avery.


The food was delicious, of course! We started off with Mimosas, yum… Those boudin balls were so good, a little spicy – but the tastebuds could always use a little kick. Everyone was wowed by this layered green salad Martha put together, too beautiful to eat (ugh, but we did eat it – hee hee hee!).

Jamal came with his new lady friend. img1531098954017Her name is Latonya and she is a nurse. She is a beautiful, intelligent young woman with a warm heart. She joined us for the Good Friday Easter celebration however, I haven’t posted some of that gathering stuff. I want to  say, Welcome to our “playgroup” Latonya! This was your second dip in the family mix and you fit in perfectly.



Dianna enjoying Jaylen and Jonah with Grandma Martha!


Everyone had a great time and left with a FULL tummy. Thanks Martha and Teddy, it’s always a pleasure to spend time at Critter Creek!

One Reply to “Freedom and Family”

  1. It’s really a joy to see our family being together; Thank you Marty and Teddy for your thoughtfulness and to all who came to share the love, and great food of course – another family tradition. Feeling blessed sharing the occasion through the lovely pics.

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