Austin ….Congrats, Simone!!

We travelled from Dallas, Opelousas, Chicago, & St. M’ville (or was it Rayne?…where Marty & Teddy picked up Murl)….w/Avery in tow. Picked up Adele at airport. We dined Friday eve at a French Market-style bistro..woke up at 5:00 (yes..a.m.) Saturday, not wanting to miss the Royal wedding from across the pond. Meghan & Harry were the perfect couple….wish I had that little blue Jaguar!! Arrived at UT….”hook ’em horns” country!! Mmvp, Dell and I opted for riding the bike-mobile taxi ride (a mere $20 bucks!!) the gym. Met parents of the graduate, Sandy, Mark, & grandma Marie..Terrence & spouse were there, too. Caught a glimpse of Simone marching in line…she was so happy to see us all. Post ceremony, we took lots of photos…may attach a few if I get this blog thing right! Rode the bike-mobile taxi back to the parking lot (yep.. $20 bucks again!). Dell & mmvp picked up a few UT souvenirs. Lunch at Fago de Chao..Brazilian..compliments of Mark & Sandy. Simone loved her gifts..a Brahmin bag & matching wallet from the Prices. Dropped Adele off at airport…pizza back at the hotel…early Sunday morning breakfast…&…we all headed home trying to miss the rain..which I didn’t quite do!!🌧🌧

So….who’s next?? This graduation thing is lot’s of fun!!🤗🤗

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  1. Sounds like Simone’s grad was a super event! Glad you where there Ren💋. My Thanks to all our Price reps💖✌🎓


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