Madeline’s First Communion

Saturday, May 5th, 2018 we watched our Madeline Olivia receive her First Communion at St  Paul the Apostle Catholic Church in Lafayette.

First Communion Bulletin Snipets


Her day began early! By the time Murl and I got there at 7:55a (Marty taught us to be there on time! Thanks MAPS), Maddy was in the bathroom getting herself together. Jared was dressed, Miss Avery was walking around in her dress (no shoes on yet) with her hair waiting to be addressed. Maddy came out of the bathroom, a quiet, cool, calm young lady who knew what she had to do that day. Fixed a light breakfast for the girls – coffee for the adults! Avery’s hair got together nicely. Assisted Maddy with her dress, a light spray on her curls and she was ready. Paige was with Jonah at the hospital.  She was heartbroken to be missing her 1st daughter’s milestone. He’s still recuperating from his operation and doing well! Grandma Martha and Poppa Teddy were on a cruise (gotta get more on this! Watch for a future post!!).


Maddy was the first communion candidate there, of course! A former classmate of Jared’s was the photographer hired for the occasion.

A shot with photographer’s setup. She’s Perfect!

She ran thru her Gospel reading (2nd reading – 1st Letter of Paul to the Corinthians) in church with her teacher. Excellent! Then we waited. Oh, did I say we were the first one’s there. It was about 8:40a when Maddy was done practicing. Communion was scheduled for 11a., we waited! Hey, we were taught by the best, the kids had snacks packed! We’re no dummies!!! We spent some time in church and took a stroll to the gazebo on the grounds. Maddy was in the air conditioned hall with the other candidates. Avery never complained, she was having a ball!! That Aunt Murl is a hoot!


When it came Maddy’s time to read during Mass she didn’t miss a word. Although, the speaker in the cry room could have been set a little louder. Judson was able to capture a video of Maddy while she was reading (I’ll see if I can get a copy to post for y’all). Here are a few pictures from the service.


Maddy during her reading
Returning to her seat after receiving Christ, for the first time!
Maddy getting her First Communion Certificate. Who still has theirs?!
Here’s a happy young lady!



“I see my sister Maddy!”


It was a wonderful ceremony! Here are some happy folks who were there to enjoy this day with Maddy.


I hope you join me in congratulating Maddy and her parents for completing this very important Catholic milestone. Without the joy and peace of receiving Christ in Holy Communion, the world is a tougher place to navigate. God Bless you all.



3 Replies to “Madeline’s First Communion”

  1. Congratulations Maddy! Proud Pappa Jared….oh…how dare Marty be on a cruise missing such an occasion…a once in a lifetime event!! Thanks Hattie for the photos and the good news….

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  2. Great pics. They do look like little angels – at least for a day. Congrats to Maddie and all who assisted in getting her prepared for this beautiful moment in her like.

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