Friday Faith and Family

Good Friday was once again a melding of our faith, food and family. We gathered at the homestead –

Thanks goes to Rena for the beautiful Good Friday cake.
Mickey was our chef and did a wonderful job! The boiled crawfish, crabs, shrimps, corn & potatoes were delicious.
Micheal and his sister Janet grab a bite. Even Chef Mickey has to grab some of the goodness before it disappears!
Some old friends, Paul and Saundra – along with new friends, Jamal’s date Lavonia (House, let me know if I spelled her name right✌) – were able to join us this year!
Eli and Erron enjoy😎
Jared just taking his time serving up …
Behind Jared, a line was forming! Martha has her game face on😉
New papa Judson enjoying a break😗.

I went to 3pm Mass with Mazel this year. It had been a very long time since I’d gone. I can truly say I got a spiritual lift from attending. Teddy was serving in Opelousas at his church for the Good Friday Mass and was unable to be with us.

All in all, I think we did mom and pop proud that day. Showing our children (and their children) that continuing this family tradition is important.

BTW family, keep a watchful eye out for a new blogger on our site. Uncle Teddy has signed up to add some thought provoking and reflective posts. Keep watching or SIGN UP FOR FUTURE BLOG POSTS from Le Petit bloggers.

Stay safe. Keep in touch.

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