Ashes & Hearts

It has been 73 years since Ash Wednesday and Valentines Day have shared the same calendar date. That was back in 1945 folks. If the year rings a bell it’s cause WWII ended that year. So, back to February 14, 2018.  How do we observe two events that appear to ask conflicting actions of us?


Ash Wednesday is the beginning of the Lenten Season. According to the Roman Catholic Church this day has Holy Obligations which include receiving ashes, abstaining from meat and fasting – defined as eating one normal meal and two smaller meals that don’t add up to the normal meal in quantity.  It would seem like the enjoyment of a romantic meal (i.e. steak, champagne and chocolates!) would put our observance of Ash Wednesday in jeapordy.

Well, maybe not! Perception rules the day 🙂 How about you and your sweetheart(s) start the day by attending Ash Wednesday services together and receive your ashes. Then later on that romantic meal could be your one normal meal!! I know you’re not going to pig out before or after that meal. See, ain’t it a grand day in the neighborhood!

As I see it, these two events are bound by Love. Ash Wednesday begins our journey through Lent where we reflect to better appreciate the Love Christ showed us by His  death and resurrection. Was that not the ultimate show of Love! So however I choose to  show my Love for my husband, children, sisters, brothers and others on Valentines Day just can’t overshadow Christ’s Love for us.

OK, I Love you all but I feel it’s time for some bubbly! I wish you all a Happy Blessed Valentine’s AND Don’t forget to GET YOUR ASHES!!!

Oops, I forgot to mention a repeat of double dipping events 40 days later – Easter and April Fools Day! See y’all at the crawfish boil 🙂



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