Kids Being Kids . .

I checked in on our little ones, just to catch up. Thanks to our moms who were so king to  fill me in on their darlings. Here’s a run-through –

Mickey and Shadell’s Krewe –

The boys are getting ready for baseball! Ean has a BETA Convention coming up at the end of February. He got a “C” on his report card. I think that may be a first for him! Nope, he doesn’t have a girlfriend – so the “C” is probably a fluke generated by “Teen Hormones”.

Now Eli, that little charmer, has straight “E” on his report card. “E” is for Exceeds Mastery of a subject.

Erron is currently working on Potty Training. Oh, what fun for mom!

Family trip to enjoy Mardi Gras in New Orleans was a blast!



Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church held a Mass in celebration of Black History Month. Ean read a moving poem during the service. Yeah, Ean!


The family has a new addition, Bella. She is a beautiful German Sheperd.

Congratulations to the boys and keep up the good work. Hugs and Big Kudos!!


Joel & Kate’s Krewe –


The Sams of Georgia never stay put! If they aren’t hiking in the mountains, they can be found attending a “fun run”.  Lennox is enjoying school! He’s spelling words and writing them. Mastering those beginning skills, Go Lenny! Nate tried out for the Golf Team. He had some coaching from Joel before the try-outs. He made the Team! Yeah, Nate!





Jared & Paige’s Krewe –

They are all doing well, according to Paige! Maddy is in an Art Club back in Texas. She’s making good use of her Christmas goodies. She is still working on completing her studies in CCD classes. She will be making her First Holy Communion on May 5th at St. Paul’s Catholic Church in Lafayette. Avery is now obsessed with her tablet. She enjoys going to her play therapy twice a week to play with Ms. Whitney. This will help encourage her to speak. Not that she hasn’t done a wonderful job getting her point across to all of us, we take our signals and go with them. Love that little woman :). Jonah is healthy and happy! He will be heading into another heart surgery in April, then he will have only one more procedure left! Prayers on going for his continued positive progress. Jonah’s Baptism is also coming up soon.


Judson & Alettie’s Bundle of Joy –

Jaylen is a Joy! I don’t think mom and dad have stopped smiling yet. I bet they haven’t had a full nights sleep yet either! I remember those days. Ya just love ‘um to pieces. Here are some more pictures to love!

Our family is growing and the future is looking good. The parents are putting the needs of the children first and keeping God in their lives.

Love & Hugs to you all!

A Masked Shower

A Masked Bridal Shower was held at the Old Bienvenu Brothers on Main Street to celebrate the upcoming Wedding of Alton Wiltz and Ariel Babers. As you may remember, Alton is Saundra Wiltz’s son. Marthaline and Teddy enjoyed their time at the shower. The theme was Mardi Gras! Ariel wore a beautiful white fitted off-the-shoulder dress and rocked it with strappy 4 inch heels! Arianna, Alton’s daughter, was also decked out a cute white dress with gold belt and matching gold shoes. Ashley, being part of the Brides Krewe, was assisting guests during “the games”. Masks were given to all to be worn during the party.

Here are some pictures which can better tell the story of the day!

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Ashes & Hearts

It has been 73 years since Ash Wednesday and Valentines Day have shared the same calendar date. That was back in 1945 folks. If the year rings a bell it’s cause WWII ended that year. So, back to February 14, 2018.  How do we observe two events that appear to ask conflicting actions of us?


Ash Wednesday is the beginning of the Lenten Season. According to the Roman Catholic Church this day has Holy Obligations which include receiving ashes, abstaining from meat and fasting – defined as eating one normal meal and two smaller meals that don’t add up to the normal meal in quantity.  It would seem like the enjoyment of a romantic meal (i.e. steak, champagne and chocolates!) would put our observance of Ash Wednesday in jeapordy.

Well, maybe not! Perception rules the day 🙂 How about you and your sweetheart(s) start the day by attending Ash Wednesday services together and receive your ashes. Then later on that romantic meal could be your one normal meal!! I know you’re not going to pig out before or after that meal. See, ain’t it a grand day in the neighborhood!

As I see it, these two events are bound by Love. Ash Wednesday begins our journey through Lent where we reflect to better appreciate the Love Christ showed us by His  death and resurrection. Was that not the ultimate show of Love! So however I choose to  show my Love for my husband, children, sisters, brothers and others on Valentines Day just can’t overshadow Christ’s Love for us.

OK, I Love you all but I feel it’s time for some bubbly! I wish you all a Happy Blessed Valentine’s AND Don’t forget to GET YOUR ASHES!!!

Oops, I forgot to mention a repeat of double dipping events 40 days later – Easter and April Fools Day! See y’all at the crawfish boil 🙂



Awards Season… We Were There!

The 49th Annual NAACP Image Awards was held on January 14 & 15 in Pasadena, CA.  Our own Marthaline and Adele were on hand to lend their smiles to the festivities.

D. L. Hugley with Marthaline on day 1 of the 49th Annual NAACP Image Awards

During a gathering the evening of the 14th, Marthaline got a chance for a quick photo-op with D. L. Hugley! He is an American actor, political commentator, radio host and stand-up comedian.  Hugley is best known for his TV show “The Hugleys”.  He is the host a new nationally syndicated afternoon drive show, The D.L. Hughley Show. 


According to our ladies, the food, atmospher not to mention the guests made the first day of the award ceremony a wonderful event. Everytime they turned around there was someone of note to see.


For Day 2 the ladies brought out the big guns (dresses/makeup/hair)! Afterall, this was the day which was “televised”. They were Gorgeous! Like Perfection can be improved upon 🙂


Marthaline knows how to work a carpet of paparazzi! I really love that formal.

Thanks for taking us along on your trip among the movers and shakers, ladies. Glad you both made it back home safe and with a few more champagne wishes and caviar dreams checked off your “To Do” lists.

Welcome Jaylen!

We have a new member of the family, Jaylen Lamar!! Alettie and Judson have their bundle of joy in their arms.


Jaylen arrived on February 7th, weighing in at 8 lbs, 4 ozs – length 20 3/4 inches. He already has Juds height. Can you say basketball player!!

All are doing well.  We are so Blessed to have another little one in our family. Our story, and theirs, continues.

Anyone wishing to send a gift, the parents are registered at (Alettie Comeaux or Judson Sam).



Alettie & Judson – Love and Anticipation