Snow, AGAIN❄

So anyway, last night I go outside to warmup the car (had to pick up Taylor from work) I see this! S N O W ! It had been quietly settling in. Now of course I had heard on the news we were probably going to get some flurries and MAYBE some would settle on the ground. BUT, not this. 

Quinn’s snow covered ramp and yard! ❄🐩❄

This will have to go down as our snowiest January in South Louisiana. I’ve never driven in snow and ice y’all! I did it though. Yep, going between 25 and 35 mph I made the usually 10 minute trek in 25 minutes. Yea Me😎.

Albertsons is ALWAYS open. Nothin stops the need for $$$$$.

The next morning I figured everything would be getting back to normal. Forcast said sunny for the next few days. So I get up at noon. Alright, normal for me is breakfast at noon! Don’t be a hater😁. I step out onto the front porch and I’m greeted with. . .

Quinn’s yard the next day at noon! Temp 29F😞

Yep this is a Southern January for my book!

Hope everyone made it through the temperature change in good shape. 

See ya next post😎

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