As we come to Thanksgiving, I want to take a moment to remember thoses who are no longer with us at the table.

Dad and mom taught us the joy of celebrating at the table. How mom always had a feast prepared for our hungry brood, and on time! We still have yet to perfect that magical feat. The food represented their love for us. Dad did his part, you can’t have it without making the “greens”. He even helped in the prep! Raise your arms again mom and Bless us during this season.

Our eldest siblings are remembered as the strong individuals they were. Windy and Maydell taught us about sharing. Windy shared his mechanical gift and that sense of humor, yes he was an original. Maye and her style and her wealth of health & wellness guidance, miss you sis.

We can never forget or replace the spitfire that came into our family, Shirley. Wow, was she a perfect fit for our pack! Shirley shared her culinary skills, like mom. She could pull together a celebration like taking a breath of air. Shirley had a spirit of adventure like no one I’ve met, in her generation. Her laughter was from the heart, robust and alive. Our sister from another mother!

We’ll shed tears in remembering but we will go on with love, just as they want us to.

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

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